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Twitter plea on kidnapped son - internet helps to raise alarm over missing eight-month-old

Tristan was taken two months ago

A FRANTIC father has made a desperate appeal for help to find his kidnapped son - via Twitter.
Fraught Martin Perry, 32, has not seen eight-month-old Tristan since he was snatched from a nursery almost two months ago.
The IT consultant, from Birch Road, Romford, but who has been living in Bangkok, Thailand, since September 2007, issued the last-ditch call to his 600 followers on the social networking site after local authorities offered little assistance finding his only child.
Amazingly, his heart-wrenching pleas were picked up by the British Foreign Office based in London, which has a specialist kidnap unit primed to be scrambled.
His extraordinary cry for help was also picked up by the Recorder.
Martin said: "I got so desperate, I didn't know who or where else to turn. The local police were no help at all. This was all going on at the height of the rioting and it didn't seem to be a priority.
"I was looking for help from some local friends, but was amazed when I started getting contacted by people from across the globe."
Martin and wife Gritchana, 32, believe their son's disappearance on March 30 is due to a family feud.
They have been contacted by Tristan's mother-in-law to reassure them the tot is safe and with relatives on the outskirts of the Thai capital Bangkok - the focus of recent massive civil unrest - but ordering them not to try to rescue him.
Tense negotiations have so far not resulted in a breakthrough.
Martin added: "At first her mother would answer her mobile phone to my wife but just say we could not have him back.
"Now she has had her mobile phone switched off for the last month-and-a-half and just vanished with the odd infrequent phone call to my wife at her office telling us how he was and asking questions about him.
"We managed to find out just this week an address of one of my wife's aunts who her mother is reported to have been staying or still staying with, but when we tried to go there and called them they were very aggressive with us telling us to go away or they would call the police and complain that we forced our way into their house, saying they had many friends in their local police and could cause us a lot of trouble.
"When we have repeatedly called they started asking for 10,000 Baht (about £400) if we wanted to go and see if our son was there.
"The last we spoke to them they threatened my wife and I and said they wished we had both been shot in the riots here in Bangkok the last few days.
"This is why it has escalated this week and my request for help on Twitter."
A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are in contact with Mr Perry and are proving him with consular assistance.

Source : http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/Desperate-British-Expat-Searches-K-t371082.html


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